Tuesday, January 6, 2009


After being in Arkansas for a week and having done laundry there while on Christmas vacation, I still came home and had several more loads of laundry to do! Why does it seem like it is never done? Maybe because there are 5 of us in this family? Maybe because my kids think they have to put everything in the dirty hamper, whether it is clean or dirty because they are too lazy to hang it up or put it away? I ask my kids to wear their jeans and pajamas at least 2-3 times before they put them in the dirty hamper unless they are really dirty from a specific stain so I am not washing so much, but it seems like no matter how many times I tell them that - they always throw thier (clean) jeans and pj's in the dirty hamper after only one use! All I keep praying for, is the day they come to me when they are parents and ask me "Why is there always so much laundry to do?" and then MAYBE they will understand where I am coming from! MAYBE!

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