Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local Hang Out! Monday 7-13-09

Jackie, Terri and I decided to stay at the retreat till Monday after Cooki suggested it, but then Cooki ended up leaving Sunday - so it was just the 3 of us. Jackie got up early and left and was probably home by 9am. Terri and I took our time. I got up first, made coffee, cropped a bit, then Terri got up and took a shower, then came down to crop. I then took a shower and packed up my things and we cropped until about 1pm. As we left, we decided to go to the place Tammy kept telling us about that had really good hamburgers. It was a shocker! The town of Greenwood only has 3 buildings, and one of them is the local hangout which consists of the restaurant and the grocery store all in one. In the restuarant, you can have your choice of hamburger or cheeseburger and french fries or onion rings. They had soda refridgerators where you could choose what you wanted to drink and then off to the side, was the grocery store. Terri and I laughed our butts off, because it was so simplistic and Terri knew she would NEVER be able to live there! There is no Target or Hobby Lobby!!!

The grocery store only had 1 of the item it was selling, so if we both walked in at the same time and we both wanted mustard, then one of us what out of luck because there was only one!!!

One of everything! Terri and I had a great time laughing about the dirty old man with no teeth, the local teenage girls who probably thought we looked funny, all the men who walked in absolutely filthy from head ot toe and the idea of living in this town with no major shopping around! It was fun and it was a great end to a great weekend!

Dessert in a cup Sunday 7-12-09

On Sunday, we went into Decatur for lunch/dinner and ate at Chili's. There really isnt much to chose from in these small towns! As we were leaving, Terri decided to get these little desserts in a cup. She and I got the fudge brownie and Jackie got the key lime pie. They were soooo darn cute, we decided to take their picture! Jackie said hers was good, our fudge was VERY rich and chocolaty! Yum!

Jackie's Birthday Saturday 7-11-09

We celebrated Jackie's birthday at the retreat house with cropping and eating and laughing and we gave her the gifts we brought for her. She really liked them. It was fun to be able to be there at the retreat for her birthday!

Retreat Friday 7-10-09

I arrived at Tammy's retreat house around 11am and met Cooki and her family. Her sister, niece, and 3 friends were there cropping too. Terri arrived around 1 and then Jackie arrived around 2pm. It was nice to have a smaller group there since her crop room is on the smaller side. This is Cooki in the pink shirt and her friend in the black shirt.

Wally World shopping Thursday 7-9-09

I had to go to Wally World to get snacks for the retreat this weekend! A lady that I met last year at Diana's crop e-mailed me and asked if I was interested in going to a retreat at Tammy's since they had space. I asked the girls and Jackie said yes and then Terri said yes at the last minute (literally), so since food is a neccesity there - Wally World - Here I come!

Crazy Elsie! Wednesday 7-8-09

Here is another picture of Elsie with her friend! I just love how she comes up with all these different ways to pose to take her picture and she always looks so darn cute! I know, this is random since I dont even know this chic, but I did get to meet her once and got my picture taken with her (not that means anything), but I just think she is cute and takes cute pics, so I go on her blog every once in a while and steal a picture of her! Here is the latest one I like!

Lazy Becca Tuesday 7-7-09

After a day of swimming, Becca is so tired that she lays on the backside of the couch and watches t.v. for a while. Not sure how that can be comfy, but hey- if it is to her - then I am not moving her!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy Cat Monday 7-6-09

Sassy has gotten SO lazy lately that she doesnt even hardly go upstairs anymore!

Here she is laying on the couch and someone drops the pillow on her and she is so lazy, she doesnt even move! She just gets a little boogy eyed and is wondering what happened but she is too lazy to get up and move!


Sunday 7-5-09

Back to reality. After a fun filled weekend, Jason gets back to reality and changes the much needed air filter in the house. This time it gave him a hard time so it gave me enough time to get my camera and take his picture (he was not too happy about that!)

4th of July

Saturday 7-4-09

Today we had a cookout in the backyard with the family. Richard drove down but Martha was in Colorado, Grandpa Donald came, and even Gerri, Pat and the kids showed up after just arriving back from Guatemala. We had great food, great company and the kids even got to do some smoke bombs and sparklers in the backyard.

Addison Kaboom Town

Friday 7-3-09

We decided to go to Addison this year for thier 4th of July celebration and fire works. They call is Addison Kaboom Town. They have tons of jumpy houses for the kids, bumjee jumping, a band playing, lots of good food and ice cold drinks but best of all, they have the #1 rated fireworks display in the state of Texas. It was HOT and we sweated several pounds off, but the fireworks were AwEsOmE and AmAzInG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a good shot of Jason, Ethan, Ellen and Rebecca watching them as they expolded into a million colors in the air! Look at Ethan's face! He is just Amazed!

car wash

Thursday 7-2-09

We were out running errands and we decided my truck needed a bath really bead, so we stopped at the car wash and got her washed. Here is Becca making a face because I am taking a picture of her AGAIN - but you can see my car in the background!


Wednesday 7-1-09

Becca decided she wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A for her little celebration luncheon with me. Here she is with her gold medal holding up her chick-fil-a cow.

We went to go visit Mrs. Rhyne and the twins atthe hospital and they were jsut about to leave, so we didnt get to visit with them long, but we did get to see Kage but not Ryder. Mrs. Rhyne looked so tired and just wanted to go home!

Becca gets GOLD at Nationals!

Tuesday 6-30-09

Becca competed at Nationals in Austin and although she didnt place at all in forms, she got GOLD in sparring! She was SO excited and we were just as thrilled for her too! Her very first national competition and she gets GOLD! As you can see from the score board behind her, she was red and her opponent blue. She kicked butt iwth a 7-0 win! Way to go Becca! You are one bad a.. TKDB!


Monday 6-29-09

Jason left for Austin with Becca so Ethan wanted to go out to eat. He chose McDonalds, which isnt my 1st choice, but it was his - so we went there and he had a great time enjoying his chicken nuggets and playing in the playground.

Swimming with the whole family

Sunday 6-28-09

Before Stephanie left to go back home, we all went swimming. It was fun to have everyone out there together just talking and visiting and having a good time!

Taekwondo Pep Rally

Saturday 6-27-09

Becca and the rest of Team Lee is heading to Austin for the TKD Nationals Junior Olympics, so the school had a pep rally today for them. They performed for the school, got their gifts, and then ate. IT was fun to watch them fight. They worked hard every day training for this! They ARE ready!

Stephanie's visit

Friday 6-26-09

Stephanie came for a visit since Rebecca said that is whats he wanted for her birthday.

She showed up Friday evening, then went us to Becca's pep rally, took Ellen to the mall, took Becca to the movies, sat around and ate and watched movies with us, went swimming and talked about baby Gracie the whole time! She is about 6 months now and cant wait to deliver this baby already!