Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 4-11-09

Today we went to the Pantego Bible Church Family Festival. They had a "set me free" presentation for the kids about forgiveness and then they had an Easter Egg Hunt, tons of bounce houses, food, climbing walls, etc... We met my sisiter there with her 2 kids and we all had a blast. I think thier favorite part was not the egg hunt itself but the climbing wall and the bunjee run. Fun, Fun!

Daddy helps Ethan with bike

Friday 4-10-09

The kids were off from school today and Jason was off from work, so Jason decided to work on his Subaru a little. Ethan wanted to ride his "big boy" bike but it needed air in the tires, so here is Jason helping him with that.

Ethan's eye

Thursday 4-9-09

Ethan and my next door neighbor's son got into a fight on the way home today from school and Ethan ended up getting punched in the eye. They have had the usual "kids fighting over toys or disagreeing about things" fights before but this is the first time that punches were thrown, at least between Ethan and Ryan. This is the same Ryan who is the neighborhood bully, who always ends up hurting the ones he is playing with, and the one who's parents dont seem to discipline him the correct way so he will learn how to behave. This is also the same kid who's mom picks up Ethan and watches Ethan after school for me, so that is going to have to change! I am mad that it got to this point, but I will not tolerate some little kid using his fists to bully other kids and get his way.

I plan on enrolling Ethan in taekwondo in May and hopefully that will help him to defend himself better in situations like this in the future.

Reading Twilight again

Wednesday 4-8-09

I decided I wanted to read Twilight again since it has been a while since I read it last and now that I have seen the movie many times, I wanted to refresh my memory with the book.

Hobby Lobby

Tuesday 4-7-09

I went to Hobby Lobby on my way home from work yesterday and while I was in there, I was talking on the phone with a friend. I ended up talking to my friend through the check-out process that I wasnt paying attention to what the cashier was doing and didnt notice she charged me $23.99 for an item that was really $2.39 until I got home. I called the manager and she told me the cashier was brand new and to just bring in my receipt and they would take care of it, so I had to go back Tuesday to get my refund. Aggravating because this is one of the things I have been trying to teach my students and here it happened to me! UGH!

Daddy cuts Ethan's hair

Monday 4-6-09

Ethan needed a haircut BAD, so Jason decided to cut it himself. Ethan wasn't too sure about it, so he relunctantly let him. Jason made him stand in the tub and proceeded to buzz his hair. Ethan kept saying "I am going to look funny. I am going to look weird!" When Daddy got done and we cleaned him up, he looks in the mirror and says "WOW Dad, you did a good job!"

Ellen broke my favorite mug

Sunday 4-5-09

I was cleaning up in the kitchen and went to throw something away when I noticed one of my favorite mugs in the trash. I pulled it out and saw that it was all broken and chipped at the top like someone had dropped it. Jason, Becca and Ethan looked at me and immediately said "I didn't do it!" so I called Ellen down. I showed her the mug and she says, "Oh yeah- It slipped out of my hands when I was putting the dishes away - Sorry!"

UGH! She has no idea the lengths I went to find these 4 favorite mugs of mine. They were a specialty Valentines Day mug from Starbucks and a few days after Valentines Day, they put them on sale so I was running from one Starbucks to another trying to find them. I was able to get a hold of 4. ONLY 4 and now I am down to 3! And I can never replace it because they dont make them anymore. She thought it was funny - can you tell by her face? - I DIDN'T.

Pancakes for breakfast

Saturday 4-4-09

Becca woke up this morning and decided to make pancakes for the whole family. Daddy had to run to the store for her because she didnt check first to make sure we had milk and syrup! Oh well, he was back in a flash and we had a yummy breakfast!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Friday 4-3-09

I went to Petco today to return some things I had bought for Kenzi and never used. When I stepped up towards the cashier, I noticed on the side of one of the islands they have with all the dog treats, a plastic bone with the letters B O O D A.

I about fell on the floor laughing! Becca comes running over and says "what is so funny?" I pointed to the sign and she started laughing out loud too. I know it probably doesnt mean anything to anyone who doesnt know us and our little nick names... but that is what I call Jason all the time, except I spell it Budha. It was quite funny seeing it printed on a bone in the pet store, so of course, I had to take a picture!


Thursday 4-2-09

Went and had my nails done again. They were looking pretty bad. I love the way they look when I first get them done, but I am not liking the fact that it costs me $30 every time. We shall see how long this nails things lasts!

April Fools!

Wednesday 4-1-09

I did not have anyone pull an Aprils Fools Joke on me all day, until we went to dinner - the whole Family.

Becca, my little sly one - says to me - totally out of the blue... "Mom, Guess what? I had my first real kiss with a boy today!" and my first reaction was "WHAT!" and then she starts laughing and says "April Fools!" Oh, let me tell you... she got me good!


Tuesday 3-31-09

I love doing the Numbrix puzzle in the Parade magazine every Sunday. This time, I didnt get around to it till today... but even still. I love seeing how long it takes me to figure it out. It is kind of like sudulo in a way, but I think it is easier. If you dont get the paper on Sundays, you can go online to the parade magazine site and find it there too. It is fun!

It is hailing!

Monday 3-31-09

Ok, Remember the mess in the garage??? Well, It did not get cleaned up this past weekend and guess what we got tonight? A HAIL STORM! Yep, that is right! So Ellen and I were rushing to put all the camping junk that was int he garage into the house so I could pull my truck intot he garage. We did it just in time. We got lucky. The biggest size hail we got here was maybe gold ball size but I did hear of others in Keller who got baseball size hail and LOTS of damage. I went outside to see if I could find some hail after it stopped and most of it had melted, but I was able to find a few... so here is a picture of them!

I love the Sunday paper

Sunday 3-29-09

I just love the Sunday paper. I wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee and start sorting through the paper. Jason gets the main part of it, like the headlines and business section, while I get all the ads. I love looking through all the ads and seeing what is on sale and I will seperate the ads I want to keep and the ones I dont. I love looking through the Target ad, Kohls, Michaels and Joann's, and now I am really into looking through Best Buy's ad and all the office supply stores as well. The kids like to read the comics and when we are all done, what I dont want to keep goes in the recycle bin.

TKD State Championships

Saturday 3-28-09

Becca went to compete in the Taekwondo State Championships today.

It was a VERY long day for her and Jason. They left the house at 7:30 am and did not get back home till 8:30 pm! Becca was disappointed she didnt place in forms, but she came in 2nd place and got a silver medal for sparring! Great Job Becca!

My bed is my favorite thing right now!

Friday 3-27-09

Well, it is official. Iam sick and right now, and my bed is my favorite thing in the house. It is my favorite place to be right now.


Thursday 3-26-09

Well, wouldnt you know it... I am sick again! I could feel it coming on Wednesday but by the evening time when I went to bed, I was feeling worse. When I woke up this morning, I knew it was pretty bad. It felt like I had the flu. Body aches, hot and cold, hot and cold, major headache, stuffy nose, etc... I really hate this Texas weather this time of the year. It gets warm one day and cold the next. It is blowing like crazy and all sorts of junk is in the air! Well, off to the doctor again! Yeah! Another hour wait int he waiting room before I even get called in... yippee!

One MESSY garage!

Wednesday 3-25-09

Jason and the kids went camping a week ago and left all their camping stuff sprawled out all over the garage! I hate this mess even if it is in the garage. I cant get my truck back in here which iw one of my biggest pet peeves!

This better get cleaned up by this weekend!

Kenzi needs diapers

Tuesday 3-24-09

Kenzi is in heat and leaving droplets of blood on my carpet! UGH! She wont just stay on the tile since she wants to follow us all over the house and I cant confine her to the kitchen because she can get out very easily, so the kids and I went to Petco and bought her some diapers. The largest that had were large and I am thinking she needs an XL, but this will have to do for now! Thankfully she is not tugging on them and trying to pull them off! But she sure does look funny!