Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ellen broke my favorite mug

Sunday 4-5-09

I was cleaning up in the kitchen and went to throw something away when I noticed one of my favorite mugs in the trash. I pulled it out and saw that it was all broken and chipped at the top like someone had dropped it. Jason, Becca and Ethan looked at me and immediately said "I didn't do it!" so I called Ellen down. I showed her the mug and she says, "Oh yeah- It slipped out of my hands when I was putting the dishes away - Sorry!"

UGH! She has no idea the lengths I went to find these 4 favorite mugs of mine. They were a specialty Valentines Day mug from Starbucks and a few days after Valentines Day, they put them on sale so I was running from one Starbucks to another trying to find them. I was able to get a hold of 4. ONLY 4 and now I am down to 3! And I can never replace it because they dont make them anymore. She thought it was funny - can you tell by her face? - I DIDN'T.

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