Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ethan's eye

Thursday 4-9-09

Ethan and my next door neighbor's son got into a fight on the way home today from school and Ethan ended up getting punched in the eye. They have had the usual "kids fighting over toys or disagreeing about things" fights before but this is the first time that punches were thrown, at least between Ethan and Ryan. This is the same Ryan who is the neighborhood bully, who always ends up hurting the ones he is playing with, and the one who's parents dont seem to discipline him the correct way so he will learn how to behave. This is also the same kid who's mom picks up Ethan and watches Ethan after school for me, so that is going to have to change! I am mad that it got to this point, but I will not tolerate some little kid using his fists to bully other kids and get his way.

I plan on enrolling Ethan in taekwondo in May and hopefully that will help him to defend himself better in situations like this in the future.

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