Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ortho appointment

Monday 3-23-09

Becca had an orthodontist appointment today. She was pretty excited because she was probably going to be getting her colored wire today. Well, she was right. They checked her teeth, removed her old wire, put in another one and then added the colored wire. She chose a shimmery blue one. The appointment didn't take long. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Then off to school for her, and off to work for me.

Time to go home

Sunday 3-22-09

Well, all good things have to come to an end. After 5 days at the retreat, it is time to go home. Some left right after breakfast, and some left a little while after that. Debbie and Josie were the last ones to leave other than Chris and I and they left around 11:30. Chris and I were the last ones out. We cleaned up a bit, checked the whole place for anything left behind, and then packed up the car. We left right at 1pm and got home at 2pm. It was a great place to crop and I cant wait to go back!

Scrappin' Bunnies

Saturday 3-21-09

Terri, Chris, Gayle, Jackie and I went into town for lunch and then we went to the Scrappin' Bunnies scrapbook store. I had never been there since they opened because it was so far away, but now that we were only 8 miles away, I figured I would go look since I dont think I would ever any other time. I really didnt need anything but didnt want to miss out on seeing the store. Of course, I still found stuff I liked even though I didn't need it but I also found a Bo Bunny kit I liked that I could add to my Dinosaur/Glen Rose Album. It was the same size, the same album and it will look great, so I bought that too.

More fun scrapbooking!

Friday 3-20-09

The rest of the girls arrived yesterday except for Beth who is supposed to arrive tonight after work. Chris and I stayed up till about 1:30 am both nights so far, and then of course, I couldn't sleep past 8am, so I got up and went downstairs. Most of the girls were already up except for Terri and Gayle and Cheryl. They got up a little while later and we had another fun day scrap booking together.

Scrapbook Retreat

Thursday 3-19-09

Still at the retreat. Beds were comfy. The upstairs a little warm, but bearable. There are 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 big bathroom. One bedroom fit 6 and the other 3. The bathroom had 2 sinks with a beautiful tub, shower with a curtain in front of it, a closed in toilet room, and a big closet. You could easily have 2 or 3 or more girls in there at the same time and it would be ok. All over the retreat house and in the crop room, there were tons on vinyl wall words. This si the one that was in the crop room under the t.v. Another fun day of scrapbooking at the retreat.

Memory Lane Inn Retreat... We are here!

Wednesday 3-18-09

Finally! Spring Break! Scrapbook retreat at Memory Lane Inn with my good friends! I have been looking forward to this week for so long. Chris and I rode up there together. It was very exciting to get there, check out the place and start scrap booking. It was a cute little 3 bedroom house with a red door. The garage was converted into the ideal crop room. It had just about everything you can think of that you would need! It fits 12, has a big screen tv, with dvd and stereo. It has a Cricut expressions, tons of cartridges, a computer, printer, tons of drinks and snacks, etc... Soon after we arrived, Terri and Gayle arrived, then Carrie, then Jackie. Cheryl, Debbie, Josie, Kathy, and Tina were all arriving Thursday and Beth on Friday.

I plan on having tons of fun and getting lots of things done!

Red Lobster

Tuesday 3-17-09

I took Kenzi to Donald's so he could watch her while we were all gone so he and I decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner. I have been craving shrimp and lobster for a while now and can't seem to get enough of it, so it was very satisfying and very good as usual.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Steph's baby bump

Monday 3-16-09

Stephanie is so excited to be pregnant as you can see in her big smile here. She looks so cute with her cute little baby bump and loved showing everyone how big she has gotten in just 3 months. Her jeans still fit but only if she can wear them real low on her hips and she has to un-button them when she sits down. Here she is at 3 months. Only 6 more to go!

Kids love to read the comics

Sunday 3-15-09

Becca and Ethan love getting the comics out of the Sunday paper and then sitting in the living room reading them and laughing over them together. It is so cute seeing them together and hearing them take turns reading the comics and then laughing thier heads off at the funny ones.

packing for camping

Saturday 3-14-09

Jason decided to start pulling out all of his camping gear from the garage and start sorting through it all so he could get packing for his camping trip with the kids. As you can see, he has made a huge mess in the living room, and probably has just as much in camping stuff as I do in scrapbooking stuff, the only difference is that he keeps his all in tubs in the garage and I keep mine in my scrapbook room!

Ethan can cook?

Friday 3-13-09

Ethan decided he was hungry and couldn't wait for dinner, so he took it upon himself to make his own ham and mustard sandwich.

Ellen's professional haircut

Thursday 3-12-09

Ellen decided she didnt like the way the girls at Great Clips were cutting her hair anymore so she wanted it done by a professional hair dresser. She asked me to call my hair dresser to cut her hair, so we got her an appointment Thursday evening. Ellen absolutely loved it and it looks like Ellen will be going to Becky from now on for her haircuts!

It's raining

Wednesday 3-11-09

It started raining today and the weather men claim it is going to rain for 5 more days! UHG! I know we need the rain but I hate dark, gloomy rainy days.

Ethan's 1st grade concert

Tuesday 3-10-09

Ethan performed on stage today at his school for thier 1st grade concert. He was so excited to be up there in front of everyone, singing all of the "America" songs he learned in music class. He thought he looked so handsome with his button down shirt. He owuld go around asking everyone he saw, "Dont I look handsome today?" He did so well and sang his little heart out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Monday 3-9-09

Today was the first show of the season of Dancing with the Stars. They had drama start before the show even aired with 2 of thier stars getting hurt and having to withdraw. One of them was Jewel who they really played up as competing against her cowboy husband and the other was Nancy O'Dell, a reporter. The 2 replacements were just as surprising though. One was Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison. A young little blonde with a great body but she moved very awkwardly. The other was Melissa from The Bachelor and she only had 48 hours to learn her routine and she did awesome! Going in, watching all 13 contenstants, I think Melissa and Shawn Johnson - the olympic gymnast were the best girls and Gilles Marini, the actor from Sex and the City was the best man. Chuck Wickes, Julianne Hough's boyfriend didnt do too bad either, but Gilles was definitely much better. The ones I was surprised to see how awkwardly they moved were Lil' Kim and Denise Richards. The rest were all pretty bad - some worse than others. I think the first to go will be Steve Wozniak, but he seemed to be the one who was having the most fun! And no, I did not vote last night.

Got nails done

Sunday 3-8-09

I decide to get my nails done today in the hopes of helping me stop biting them. I also got my toenails done.

Becca's haircut

Saturday 3-7-09

Becca got another haircut today at Sweet n' Sassy. She really needed it bad! I didnt realize it had been since November that she had her last haircut. She looks so cute!


Friday 3-6-09

Here are the students in PE.

Teaching how to do laundry

Thursday 3-5-09

Today Nancy and I taught the students how to sort laundry, how to wash laundry and how to iron. It was fun and challenging at the same time. It sure makes you realize how we take things for granted, the things we just automatically do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Only $22 to fill up my tank!

Wednesday 3-4-09

I had to stop for gas today and was totally flabbergasted when I saw the total I was paying for filling it up! Several months ago when I stopped to fill up the Subaru Forrester, I would end up paying about $50 or more. Look at the picture I took today of my total after filling up and I was almost on empty! Only $22 and some change to fill it up! I especially love seeing how much it costs to fill up my Suburban now too. It used ot cost me about $100 to fill it up and now at todays prices, it is about half that, but I still drive Jason's Subaru when ever I can to keep on saving money on gas!

Scrapbook Mess

Tuesday 3-3-09

OK, Since I did not have to work today, I decided to get busy and make some kits to work on while I am on my retreat during Spring Break, so I got some pictures, papers, embellishments, etc... out and began to play. I sure can make a big mess in just a couple of hours but it is fun to make and I can not wait till Spring Break!!!!!

The Bachelor

Monday 3-2-09

Wow! The Bachelor sure did end in a different way than ever before!

I have to admit that after watching the first maybe 2 seasons, I stopped watching because I just hated seeing all that caddiness and realizing that they never go any further and never get married. I did watch The Bachelorette when Trista was on it and which did end in a marriage and now they have 1 son and a daughter on the way, so I did somehow get sucked into watching it again when DeAnna became The Bachelorette. I saw how she decided to let Jason go and she chose Jessi instead (which I thought was a stupid mistake on her part) and the whole entire time, every week - I kept saying how I loved Jason and how cute he was and how cute he was with his son, etc... So, when they chose Jason to be the next Bachelor I decided to watch... OK, with that said - fast forward. I HATED Stephanie, but anyway - I really thought he should have picked Jillian and was a fool when he let her go, but that is besides the point. He had Melissa and Molly now to chose from and was so un-sure and un-decided about who was the right girl since he claimed he loved both girls equally! I personally liked Melissa over Molly even thought I thought it was a little strange how her family didnt want to meet him, but in the end knew that Molly was better suited for him, better suited and ready to be a wife and step-mom, settle down, etc... But for Jason to break up with Melissa on national tv in front of the millions watching? NO, he should have kept it private just like all the other guys did. I really dont understand why he felt the need to hurt her so much publicly. If he wasnt sure about his decision, he should have NOT proposed to Melissa. He should have just kept the ring in his pocket and then asked her to continue persuing thier relationship and see where it goes. I really think what he should have done was after he broke down and cried so hard on the balcony after letting Molly go, he should have realized then that he made a mistake and had Chris, the host call the limo and have him bring Molly back. In the mean time, they could have brought Melissa in and he should have let her go without letting her know what he had done and was about to do. Now THAT would have been a shocker but he would not have hurt Melissa or looked like such a jerk in front of the millions watching!

Do I like what Jason did, NO!

Do I agree with publicly hurting and humiliating Melissa they way he did, NO!

Do I still like him and wish him well and happiness and continued love with Molly, YES!

Do I think he did the right thing in the end about following his heart, YES! But,

Do I agree with him doing it in public the way he did, NO!

He should have been more classy and a gentleman and done it in private!

OK - I would love to see nothing less than Jason and Molly get married and be happy and have children together and stay happily married together, like Trista did, but the reality is that we have NO idea what really goes on behind the scenes and what really goes on in thier hearts and minds that we dont see... as we all know there is so much more that goes into relationships nad making them work and this is for all purposes reality TV in it for the best shockers! They sure got it this season!

Ellen is driving

Sunday 3-1-09

Ellen has been getting a little more serious about asking her dad for behind the wheel driving lessons, so she has been getting about 1 hour in every Saturday and Sunday now. Today we decided to go eat at The Olive Garden for dinner, so Jason let her drive us there. Yes, I about had a heart attack several times and one of them was within seconds of her getting behind the wheel and pulling out! We were in the parking lot of Best Buy and Eye Masters in the new Alliance shopping center because we had just picked up Jason's glasses. There was a big pick up truck parked next to us and we were facing out (parked in the space butt in first). As she started to pull out, she just floored it and pulled out without even looking to see if any cars were coming down the aisle on either side, then she didnt make the turn wide enough and came within 5 or 6 inches of clipping the truck in the far corner. So close, that I screamed out and lunged to the other side of the car since I was sitting in the back on the same corner she almost hit!

To her credit, she has gotten better at operating the stick shift car, but she still needs so much more practice at all of the other stuff, like learning to look over her shoulder when she wants to change lanes and not taking the wheel over with her so drastically that she practically does a 2 lane sweep. Merging, wathching for traffic, learning when it is safe to pull out - judging how close a car is and how fast it is coming towards you and whether you have time to pull out in fron of it or not, etc...

Well, Maybe one day I will let her drive her car by herself but right now - NO WAY!

Bo Staff Seminar

Saturday 2-28-09

Becca's Taekwondo school was offering a Bo-staff seminar which Becca wanted to attend, so she got to go to a 3 hour session on learning how to use the bo-staff. She picked it up fairly quickly, and got really good really fast. I am sure that if they start offering classes for this, she will want to be enrolled! Boy, I hate to be her future boyfriend who pisses her off! Watch out!

Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino

Friday 2-27-09

On my way home from work today, I decided to stop at Starbucks and treat myself to a free Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino. Free because I received several gift cards for Starbucks last Christmas and so I decided to use it and it sure was good! It was what I was needing after a long week at work!


Thursday 2-26-09

Well, if you didnt know already - You know now... Yes, Ellen and Branden got back together. They have been back together for a little while now and I can honestly say they are being more level headed this time. They each still have their friends that they commited to keep and see and spend time with instead of pushing away to just be with each other. Here he is in the house waiting for Ellen so they can go out. He is always a good sport when I take my camera out! Gotta love him for that!

Buddy Day

Wednesday 2-25-09

Today was Buddy Day at the Taekwondo school so Ethan got to join Rebecca in class which he just LOVES doing! He has gotten so much better at paying attention and staying focused, but after watching him today, I had to laugh because he just isnt that coordinated when it comes to the teakwondo moves. He had a ton of fun and that is what it is all about!