Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy about Dinosaurs!

Wednesday 8-26-09

Ethan loves Dinosaurs! Today he decided to line up all his big ones on his dresser and he even put a gun in the mouth of one. He thought it was really cool and he couldnt wait to show me!

Becca loves to read

Tuesday 8-25-09

Becca LOVES to read! Every time she gets, she is reading. She loves to read several books at a time! I am so happy she loves to read!

First day of School! YEA!!!

Monday 8-24-09

It is the first day of school! Ethan starts 2nd, Becca starts 6th and Ellen is a senior this year!

Early to Bed!

Sunday 8-23-09

All the kids went to bed early tonight since tomorrow is the first day of school! Ethan hated it, but he will hate it even more in the morning if he doesnt go to bed now!

Jason doing laundry

Saturday 8-22-09

I caught Jason doing some laundry today and he was not very happy that I took his picture, Can you tell?

Back to School clothes shopping

Friday 8-21-09

Today, the kids and I went to Kohl's and got a bunch of school clothes. Ethan had out grown ALL of his jeans, so he needed new clothes desperatly! Becca out grew all but one, so she needed new clothes as well! It took all day, but we did really good and got some great deals!

Ethan meets Mrs. Martinez

Thursday 8-20-09

Ethan got to meet Mrs. Martinez - his 2nd grade teacher today.

She is pregnant, and due real soon - so he also met his substitute teacher Mrs. Cooley.

He is very excited and equally excited to see all his old friends again!

Ready for school?

Wednesday 8-19-09

Today we got to run by the school to see who's Ethan's 2nd grade teacher is going to be. He got Mrs. Martinez! They got a new Kiosk with the name of the school, so Ethan stood there so I could get a picture.

Scentsy Warmer

Tuesday 8-18-09

My scentsy warmers arrived today. I love the smell of them and they look cute too! Thanks Carrie!@

Cute Baby Book

Monday 8-17-09

While on the retreat, we went to a couple of scrapbook stores and I saw this cute baby book. They didnt have any more of the albums, but I did buy some of the paper! Cant wait to see the end results of what I make with it!

leaving CBI

Sunday 8-16-09

Today is the last day of our retreat. It was sad to leave, but it was fun! Cant wait for the next retreat!!!

Cropping Friends

Saturday 8-15-09

While cropping, we did decide to take a break to go around the property and take a few pictures. This one is one of my favorites. It is out byt he front on the covered bridge you have to go through to get to the house. The girls here are from left to right: Carrie, Linda, Vickie, Terri, Me, and Chris

Retreat guard dog

Friday 8-14-09

While on the retreat, we were being guarded by this dog - Gizmo!

He mostly just searched for food all the time and every where, even our garbage cans, but he was cute until he had something he shouldnt have and he growled at you showing you his teeth if you even thought about taking it away! Needless to say, I never took anything away! I let Pat, the owner take care of that!

Covered Bridge Inn Retreat - Here I come!

Thursday 8-13-09

Today I arrived at this beautiful retreat house and I plan on staying till Sunday when they kick us out at 4pm. It is a beautiful house in Weatherford called the Covered Bridge Inn and it is a 4 day retreat of nothing but fun, scrapbooking, eating, fun, scrapbooking, talking, fun, laughing, and did I say scrapbooking?

Notice I didnt mention sleeping!!! That is kept to a bare minimum! LOL!

full fridge

Wednesday 8-12-09

This is what our fridge looks like most of the time - FULL! Usually with 3 gallons of milk though! Yet, every time when the kids look in there, they say "there is nothing to wat - Can we go to ..."

Now can you believe that??? KIDS!

New "Beer Fridge"

Tuesday 8-11-09

We are always having a problem of not having cold soda's in the fridge and we have to drink warm soda from the garage, so today I went and bought us a small fridge to keep inthe garage full of our soda's and Jason's beer. Well, it does such a good job of keeping them real cold, that Jason has deemed it HIS BEER FRIDGE! Every time he gets a beer out if it, he says "I just love that beer fridge!" Well, I have to say that I also love that new soda fridge!

Hospital visit

Monday 8-10-09

Well, today I had to go to the hospital. I had a Miniere's attack right after Ellen left for work, so it was just Becca, Ethan and I. I felt it coming on, tried to take my meds, but before i knew it - I was throwing up everything and couldnt stop, so Becca called 911 for me and called Donald for them. The ambulance came and got me, took me to the hospital and I stayed there for about 5 hours until I got to feeling better! Love that phenegran per IV!!!

Full pantry

Sunday 8-9-09

Every time I open up my pantry, this is what I see!!! It is always full!

Clean or Dirty?

Saturday 8-8-09

How many times have you asked "are the dishes in the dish washer clean or dirty?"

Well, we have a million times, so I made these real quick signs that say CLEAN and DIRTY and everytime the dishwasher is being filled up with dirty dishes it says Dirty - once I set it to wash - I put the CLEAN sign on it, so everyone knows they are clean and the kids know it needs to be emptied out!

New Vampire Books I am reading

Friday 8-7-09

Ellen turned me on to these new vampire books. The first is called Marked by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristen Cast. They are somewhat like the Twilight series but more sexual and not so focused on the romance and relationship between the vamp and human as Twilight, but the difference and war between vamps and humans. So far there are 5 books out and the 6th is to be released in November. I am on book 3!!!

Let me tell you... if you havent read these - YOU NEED TO! They are awesome and I think even better than the Twilight series about keeping you in suspense and wanting to read more! I have stayed up way past my bed time because I just couldnt put them down!!!

Go get them now!!!

What a moon!

Thursday 8-6-09

Tonight I stepped outside and saw this! What a beautiful moon! Sure - it doenst look like much to you in this picture - but it was beautiful in real life!!!

testing on campus

Wednesday 8-5-09

Today I spent my day testing a potential student today on campus and waiting for another one who never showed up because they were on the wrong campus! UGH! Why dont people LISTEN???

Residency Verification

Tuesday 8-4-09

I spent my morning running from Ethan's school to Becca's school to do our annual residency verification. Oh - what fun! Not!

Meeting at Barnes and Noble

Monday 8-3-09

Today, I got together with Nancy and had a meeting with Jan at B&N to talk about getting paid 2 extra hours per day that we teach to make up for all the hours we put in at home un-paid working on lesson plans... We shall see what comes out of it!!!

My vaccuum

Sunday 8-2-09

This thing - runs my life! At least it feels like it! I have to run it just about every other day, if not every day because of how much Kenzi sheds. But it especially runs extra long on Sundays - my cleaning day! I hate seeing dog hair on the carpets and floating along my tile, so although I hate running it, I sure do love it!

CM Showcase

Saturday 8-1-09

Today I went to the very first CM Showcase that they have ever opened up to customers. Although it was crowded and a bit long and boring, I did get to hear all about the new products comeing out and had fun with my sis and friends!

Dinner at Trulucks - Yummy!

Friday 7-31-09

We went to eat dinner at Trulucks tonight for our anniversary. We had never been, but my friend Chris works there and has said how good it is, so we thgouht we would try it out. Well, let me tell you - It is now my FAVORITE restaurant, but a bit pricey - so we wont be going there every weekend! HA!

Team Photo

Thursday 7-30-09

Today the TKD school team took their team photo for the newspaper, so every one on the team posed and those who won a medal at the Nationals had thier medal on. Arent they cute?

Our 20th Anniversary

Wednesday 7-29-09

Today is our 20th aniversary. Jason "had to go out for some business stuff" - so he said, but when he came back, he had this in his hand!!! 20 roses!!! Beautiful! Thanks Honey, I love them. I love you too!


Tuesday 7-28-09

Today is Jason's Birthday. Since it is in the middle of the week, Becca and I baked a cake, got some balloons and tried to get him with those fake re-light candles, but as soon as we lit them, he walked in the other room and by the time he came back in, I thought the house was going to burn down!!! It was kinda scary and funny at the same time! We ate cake and I think he enjoyed every bite!

Where to put my canvases?

Monday 7-27-09

I bought these canvases from the auction when The Pad closed down and I never really could find a good place to put them. Well, one day I decided I wanted to lighten up our kitchen and living room area with our new table and all, so I hung them low on the wall that faces our living room which is where our kitchen sink is on the other side. I think I like them there!!!


Sunday 7-26-09

Rebecca and Ethan love to climb trees. This one at thier grandpa's house is their favorite. Every time we go there, they have to climb it.


Saturday 7-25-09

I love plants, but I cant seem to keep them alive - All except for this kind! For some reason, these plants like me and I dont seem to kill them - so I have several of them all over the house.

RUb Ons

Friday 7-24-09

I just love these Uppercase Living Rub ons. You can put them anywhere. Here is one I put on my favorite red mug that I use as a pen holder in my office. It says DREAM and on the other side it says LOVE.

Kenzi the Chicken Dog

Thursday 7-23-09

Kenzi - My Chicken Dog! She has become such a chicken whenever some body she doesnt know comes over and so we have deemed her our Chicken Dog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dream vacation

Wednesday 7-22-09

This is my dream vacation spot - Greece! I would love to go there before I die!

Love this Fall Book

Tuesday 7-21-09

Saw this Fall Book and fell in love! What colors!


Monday 7-20-09

Ellen and Becca - Sisterly Love

Wooly Haircut

Sunday 7-19-09

Jason gave Ethan a haircut in the bath tub! Look at all that wooly hair! I bet that was itchy!

Ethan playing guitar

Saturday 7-18-09

Ethan decided he wants a guitar, so Becca let him borrow hers and here he is playing and singing me a song. He definitely needs lessons!

Playing in the Pool

Friday 7-17-09

Becca and Ethan played catch in the pool with a water ball. It was HOT!

Ellen got her license today!

Thursday 7-16-09

Ellen got her license today! only 2 days short of it being 1 year since she gother permit! She is beyond excited!

Kelty Sleeping Bag

Wednesday 7-15-09

Anyone interested in a Kelty Sleeping Bag? Jason is selling this one.

Baby Davy is born!

Tuesday 7-14-09

Congratulations to our friends Marc and Gaylene! Thier baby son was born today! Isnt he precious?