Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New in Town

Tues. 2-24-09

I went to see New in Town with Renee Zellweger today with my friend Chris. It was totally hilarious although no one told me I should have taken tissues too! It was cute and it really did have some funny moments! Love thos Min-o-so-tans! After the movie, we had a great lunch at Fish City Grille and then off to do some shopping at Costco.

lazy dog

Monday 2-23-09

Here is Kenzi sleeping in her big bed. She is either asleep in my SB room, Jason's office or right there on her big bed. Isn't she cute?

New glasses!

Sunday 2-22-09

All 3 of us need new glasses: Jason, Becca and I. We went to Eye Masters on Sunday to pick them out which took a while since we all 3 had to find a pair we liked. Jason and I also picked out a pair of sunglasses, but Becca got the transitions. Jason was the only one to get his glasses and sunglasses the same day. They messed up on my sunglasses so I have to wait til Monday and my glasses and Becca's glasses wont be ready till 7-10 days.

The in vasion of BOKUGANS!

Sat. 2-21-09

Ethan was so funny! I walked into the living room and saw him with his legs up to his chin and he had 3 bokugans on his knees all facing the tv. I asked him what he was doing and he said "My bokugands and I are watching tv," Of course, I knew that! I thought it was so cute that I wanted a picture but he decided he wanted me to take several pictures with his bokugans in different positions. He is such the ham bone!

Cupcake Crop

Friday 2-20-09

Today I went to Tracy's Cupcake Crop. She was celebrating her 1st birthday of her business Create Joy and she held this cupcake crop at her church. A lot of people went, like about 100 and she had tons of cupcakes, chocolate fountain, drinks, cookies, make and takes, etc... It was fun!

I joined facebook!

Thursday 2-19-09

OK, I did it. After much reluctance, I decided to finally jump in with everyone else and join facebook. I am so glad I did because I was able to find and reconnect with so many high school friends who I lost contact with since I moved to Texas after graduation. This facebook is crazy. Already I have like over 30 friends! WOW!

Tasty coffee in a pretty mug

Wed. 2-18-09

A couple of years ago, I set out to find these really pretty coffee mugs I had seen at starbucks during the Valentine's Day season. I refused to pay full price, so I waited till they went on sale. I was able to get a hold of like 4 of them. I love this mug. It is big and deep and just pretty. This is my morning ritual. One cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug.


Tuesday 2-17-09

Heather and Ellen needed something to do to keep busy so I suggested they make brownies! I just happen to have bought a brownie mix a couple of days before and so it was all there. They enjoyed licking the spoon and the spatula after they got done stirring up the chocolate mix. Yum!

Jason making dinner

Monday 2-16-09

I love it when I come home from work and see this... Jason already in the kitchen making dinner. He loves to cook, he just says he doesnt have a lot of time to cook, but on days he and Becca have to be at TKD by 5:30 or 6:15pm I will find him already cooking dinner for all of us! What a sweetie!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How do you eat kisses?

Sunday 2-15-09

How do you eat kisses? You ask!

Well, You take a mini pretzel and put a Hersheys kiss on top. Then you heat it up in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees. Then you push down a pink or red M&M on top and let it cool.
When ready, you pick one up, put it in your mouth and say Mmmmmm!
That is how you eat a KISS!

The kids and I made "LOVE KISSES" today since it is Valentines Day Weekend! Mmmm Good!

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday 2-14-09

It is Valentine's Day and normally we dont really make a big deal out of it. Jason just feels like it is another excuse to spend money... which it is, but it is a day to let the person you love know it in a specific way. We always get the kids a card and a small box of chocolates. Jason usually gets me my favorite chocolates= Ferrero Racher and I usually make him a card or something small.

This year, Jason and I even went out to dinner to the CheeseCake Factory and then we went to see Taken... which was a great movie!

A heart shaped cheese cake

Friday 2-13-09

Ellen asked me what I thought she should get Branden for Valentines Day. I suggested a teddy bear or something cute like that with chocolates. She said "No, mom - that is what I got him last year!" so I thought about it and then remembered how much he loves cheesecake, so I suggested a heart shaped cheesecake. She loved the idea and so here she is cutting a round cheesecake into the shape of a heart. It looked pretty good! Hope he likes it!

How interesting can Rollie Pollies be?

Thursday 2-12-09

Ethan caught a bunch of rollie pollies today and put them in a glass container and then sat on the back patio staring at them... All I could think of was "How interesting can those rollie pollies be that he is staring at them for so long?" He told me he realized they couldnt get out no matter how hard they tried and he found that interesting! How funny is that!

Breaking "Man Law!"

Wed. 2-11-09

Jason helped me out by vacuuming for me! I have to vacuum like every day or at least every other day right now because Kenzi is shedding like crazy and I hate seeing all that hair floating on the floor, so Jason did it for me today! He said he was breaking "Man Law" but I said he might be happy he did it and of course, all he could do was smile... wonder what he was thinking? I was just going to re-pay him with a kiss! LOL!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I made a cute canvas

Tuesday 2-10-09

I went to Tracy's SSA class today and this is what I made. It is an 8x10 canvas, painted and the flowers are actually torn peices of paper, crumbled up and then placed on the canvas with some jute, brads and a place for my 4x6 picture.

Ethan is Student of the Month for February!

Monday 2-9-09

Ethan received an award at school for Student of the Month. They announced his name at the end of the PTA meeting and gave him this certificate. He was SO happy! When they called his name, he went on stage, took the award and then hugged the lady who announced his name. Then he held his award up above his head and was showing everyone in the audience. It was so cute! I was very proud of him as well! Great job Ethan!

MORE camping stuff!

Sunday 2-8-09

Jason took Becca and Ethan to Cabella's and bought some camping chairs and another camping table thingy... I am not complaining, because he doesn not complain about my scrapbooking stuff, but he probably has just as much in camping stuff as I have in scrapbooking stuff!

Eggs, Bacon and Bisquits

Sat. 2-7-09

Jason made eggs, bacon, hash browns and bisquits for breakfast! Yum!

Ethan Aced the Spelling Test

Fri. 2-6-09

All that practice Jason did with Ethan paid off because Ethan got 100% Mastery on his spelling test! Way to go Ethan!

Ellen's cat

Thursday 2-5-09

Sassy is such a spoiled cat! She is so funny! She will paw at Ellen's face so Ellen will look down so Sassy can kiss her on the mouth! Here they are kissing! She is definatley Ellen's cat!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spelling words

Wed. 2-4-09

Since I have been sick since Monday, I assumed Jason was going over Ethan's spelling words with him - But apparently not, so they got busy tonight going over spelling words for Friday's test. Here is Jason watching over Ethan to see if he was spelling them right!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I am feeling a little better than yesterday but I still dont feel like I am at 100%.

I was able to sleep and I am still stuffy, but at least the body aches and headaches are gone.

I slept in till about 9:30am, got up and took a shower which made me feel better, checked my e-mails and am now sitting here on my laptop watching tv. I hope I feel a lot better tomorrow!

Mommy is sick


Well, sure enough... I caught whatever bug Becca had. It started exactly the same way too! Weird! I was absolutely fine all weekend, including Sunday until I laid my head down in bed. As soon as I did that, I started sneezing and couldnt stop! Not long after that, I was all plugged up on my right side. So plugged that it felt like I was going to suffocate cause I couldn't breathe and my ear hurt like I had an ear infection. It was popping inside like fireworks, but the pressure was intolerable. I spent most of the night awake, trying something - anything to breathe easier. I had already taken a 12 hour sudafed, allergy pill, saline solution, hot steam, you name it.

By 7am I was still not breathing, so I sprayed some afrin in my nose which I hate since it is so addicting, but it let me finally sleep until 11am! Needless to say, I feel horrible! I have a fever, headache, major stuffiness and body aches. I am staying in bed today!

Trimming the Tree

Sunday February 1, 2009

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Do we care in our house hold? No. Nobody is our house really watches football, so instead we spent the day doing our regular Sunday chores. Jason and Ethan decided to go out front and trim the bottom branches of the big tree in the yard. After that got done, Jason decided to trim up the bushes in the front area... Well, that got to be a bigger project than he imagined but it sure looks better!

CM Page Frames

Saturday 1-31-09

Today I finished decorating my new CM Page Frames so Gerri could show them at her digi demo today at her house. They came out pretty cute. I made the big 12x12 one showcasing the 3 kids, and I made the smaller 8x8 show casing Jason and I.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Becca is sick

Friday 1-30-09

Becca is very sick today. Before taekwondo she was complaining that one side of her face was all plugged up and she flet dizzy. On the way home, it had switched sides and the other side was now runny. I had a feeling she was coming down with something. Sure enough, this morning she woke up complaining her body ached, she ahd a headache, she was stuffy, she had a fever, etc...

I took her to the doctor who ran a flu test but it came back negative. Just a bad cold or wanting to become a sinus infection. So, she stayed home from school today and either slept or watched t.v. Kenzi sensed she wasnt feeling well and came up to snuggy with her for a while.