Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bachelor

Monday 3-2-09

Wow! The Bachelor sure did end in a different way than ever before!

I have to admit that after watching the first maybe 2 seasons, I stopped watching because I just hated seeing all that caddiness and realizing that they never go any further and never get married. I did watch The Bachelorette when Trista was on it and which did end in a marriage and now they have 1 son and a daughter on the way, so I did somehow get sucked into watching it again when DeAnna became The Bachelorette. I saw how she decided to let Jason go and she chose Jessi instead (which I thought was a stupid mistake on her part) and the whole entire time, every week - I kept saying how I loved Jason and how cute he was and how cute he was with his son, etc... So, when they chose Jason to be the next Bachelor I decided to watch... OK, with that said - fast forward. I HATED Stephanie, but anyway - I really thought he should have picked Jillian and was a fool when he let her go, but that is besides the point. He had Melissa and Molly now to chose from and was so un-sure and un-decided about who was the right girl since he claimed he loved both girls equally! I personally liked Melissa over Molly even thought I thought it was a little strange how her family didnt want to meet him, but in the end knew that Molly was better suited for him, better suited and ready to be a wife and step-mom, settle down, etc... But for Jason to break up with Melissa on national tv in front of the millions watching? NO, he should have kept it private just like all the other guys did. I really dont understand why he felt the need to hurt her so much publicly. If he wasnt sure about his decision, he should have NOT proposed to Melissa. He should have just kept the ring in his pocket and then asked her to continue persuing thier relationship and see where it goes. I really think what he should have done was after he broke down and cried so hard on the balcony after letting Molly go, he should have realized then that he made a mistake and had Chris, the host call the limo and have him bring Molly back. In the mean time, they could have brought Melissa in and he should have let her go without letting her know what he had done and was about to do. Now THAT would have been a shocker but he would not have hurt Melissa or looked like such a jerk in front of the millions watching!

Do I like what Jason did, NO!

Do I agree with publicly hurting and humiliating Melissa they way he did, NO!

Do I still like him and wish him well and happiness and continued love with Molly, YES!

Do I think he did the right thing in the end about following his heart, YES! But,

Do I agree with him doing it in public the way he did, NO!

He should have been more classy and a gentleman and done it in private!

OK - I would love to see nothing less than Jason and Molly get married and be happy and have children together and stay happily married together, like Trista did, but the reality is that we have NO idea what really goes on behind the scenes and what really goes on in thier hearts and minds that we dont see... as we all know there is so much more that goes into relationships nad making them work and this is for all purposes reality TV in it for the best shockers! They sure got it this season!

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