Friday, January 9, 2009


Today was a fun day! I did something I haven't done in probably 2 months!
I had lunch with my friends, Chris and Terri. We met at The Cheesecake Factory, had some great food and some really good conversation. We talked about Terri's upcoming surgery, about kids and jobs and scrapbooking (of course). It's been a while since I had seen them with the holidays and all and since I will have to go back to work soon, I figured I would take advantage of my time off and go spend a girls day out. It was nice and I really enjoyed it. Thanks girls!
(I am sure the waiter thought we were really silly since ALL 3 of us asked him to take our picture, but he did with a smile on his face! Terri got the best picture of the 3, but I cant wait for her to send it to me, so here is mine.)

I have been avoiding even thinking about anything work related, but I got my first official call yesterday from Jan asking me to test another student and then today I got an e-mail from her. Even though classes don't officially start till the 21st, I think I may have to start back doing some things as early as next week :(

Come on March... get here quick!

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