Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dancing like the Stars


Everyone pretty much knows I like to watch Dancing with the Stars. Well, Becca and Ethan like to watch it with me too, but they also like to get out on the floor and Dance LIKE the Stars! Today they decided to take it one step further and even dressed up (or down - however you want to see it), and put together a routine of thier own to the song "Low". Ethan put on one of Becca's old bikini tops and the shorts of another newer bikini suit. Becca wore the matching top to Ethan's shorts and then her little white shorties. They put together a pretty good routine, if you ask me and performed it for me twice! It was quite funny! Next time, I will have to bring my video recorder when they do this! Becca told me to bring my camera, but a video would have captured it a lot better!

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