Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do you My Space?


When I was 17, if someone had asked me "Do you have a My Space?", I am sure I would have looked at them very strangely and said, "Huh?"

Here is Ellen, doing one of the things she likes to do best: Get on her My Space page and see if anyone has posted any comments on her pictures, or left her a message or see if she has any new friends that asked to join, etc...

I really dont get it - but it certainly is another one of those "it's a sign of the times" things.

We have gotten into technology so much, that now our teenagers are now texting each other instead of calling and TALKING (what a concept!), they are posting things on thier My Space or Face Book and putting it out there for all thier friends to see. I sure do wonder what technology will be like when she has her own 17 year old! I sure hope I am alive to see!

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