Tuesday, January 6, 2009



OK, after being a very happy camper yesterday Morning when all 3 kids went to school, I was one VERY UNHAPPY Momma when I got stranded at Walmart with a dead truck battery at 6:30pm!

I went grocery shopping around 4:30pm and got out around 6:30pm. By then, it was dark and felt like it was below freezing. Loaded all the groceries into the truck and then when I went to start it - NOTHING! Dead as a door nail! (Where did that phrase come from anyway?)

Well, I went to the greeter for help and he was absolutely worthless! So, I went to the manager who got a really nice man to help me. He jump started it - which took a very long time! Poor guy had a short sleeve shirt on, no coat and no gloves! We were out there for at least 30 minutes trying to get it started and I know he had to be freezing his little fingers (and other things) off!

Well, I got home, un-loaded the groceries and let the truck sit out in the driveway so I could get another jump today to get it to the oil and lube car shop at the Wally World in NRH!

The same place I had this last battery put in and this guy says to me "this is the wrong battery for your truck, it is too small"! Well, the good thing is that it was under warranty since it only lasted 2 years and 2 months, so what would have cost me about $85, cost me NOTHING - ZERO- ZILCH! It was a hassle to have go through all that, but I am happy I got a new battery and the correct battery for my truck and it didnt cost me a penny! I then went to Costco and bought a 500GB portable hard drive for $130 and then to Staples and bought a laptop cooling mat on sale for $13 (from $30), so I made up for what I saved at Wally World today!

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