Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice storm arrived - Kids are off from school!


Well, the ice storm arrived just as predicted!

As the night continued and the temperatures kept dropping, the sleet kept falling and everything froze over. They called off school for the kids by the time I went to bed last night so we all got to sleep in! The kids were VERY happy about that!

TCC decided they would open at noon, but with the kids home and the roads still pretty bad, our class was cancelled as well.

Becca and Ethan were dying to get outside and play "slip and slide". They ended up on the trampoline after a little while and thought it was hilarious that they were slipping and sliding all over it since it was covered in ice as well, but not much long after that, Ethan came in the house crying saying he was frozen! LOL! He was wet and cold and although he had a little bit of fun out there, by the time he came in - he was not a happy boy anymore!

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