Saturday, January 17, 2009

Call 911, we have a bloody knee!

Becca is usually the "spazz" of the family, but today Ethan took the title. We were leaving Cheddars and he was playing his Nintendo and trying to walk at the same time. Jason had just told him to put it away before he hurt himself and then BAM!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't see the curb, fell off, hit the ground with what seems like his knees first and of course his Nintendo went flying out of his hands. He immediatly started screaming and crying about his knees and was a little concerned his Nintendo had broken, but thankfully his Nintendo was working fine and his knees did not require a trip to the hospital - although you would have thought that by the way he was screaming and crying!!!!! We got home, cleaned it up, put a big ol' band-aide on it and he was good to go! He did not like me taking pictures of him crying, but - Oh well! I had to!

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