Monday, May 30, 2011


Wow, I havent blogged ina little while! I have been busy. My middle DD celebrated her 13th birthday a little early with about 13 friends over the house. They played lots of different games, swam twice, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, watched movies and talked til 6 am and slept in till almost noon!
She asked for candy, mechanical pencils, gum, crazy high socks, and money... Below is a picture of what she got (the money is not in the pic).
Now I am trying to get ready for GASC (Great American Scrapbook Convention) and the retreat I will be doing from this Wednesday - Sunday! I can not wait!
I have also been busy making layouts and kits for the Boutique... some you will get to see soon!
Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning, and de-cluttering and was totally exhausted plus still have more to do but I am giving my feet a rest!

Today, I went to a page builders class and made 8 layouts, then hubby and I went to Target and Lowe's and bought a huge 11 1/2 foot over hanging umbrella and 6 new chairs for our outside patio and now he is cooking steaks and potatoes and lots of other yummies while I am icing my feet!! My darn arch and plantar fascitis is KILLING me!
Hope you all had a good Memorial day too!

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