Monday, May 9, 2011

Look what I made!!!

I have been busy...
First off I am going to show you what I made during National Scrapbook Day, along with some pics of some friends of mine who went with me on this crazy and fun 30 hour crop. We arrived at noon on Friday, dropped off our stuff and then went to eat lunch. We got back around 2pm and got busy getting settled in. Although I didnt get everything I wanted done, I was able to finish 3 projects and I am pretty proud of them.

First is the flower pot: I painted the pot green, then I used Prima paper to decorate the top rim with a technique I learned from watching Lollie. Then I added a twig and just started decorating with all sorts of prima flowers, leaves and butterflies. I love the way it came out!!! The big green flower with the pearl center in the bottom picture was hand made. I just LOVE IT!!!

The second project was the bird house: I bought the little bird house from HL. I painted it brown then made a box pleat from Prima paper for the roof and layered it on starting from the bottom towards the top.
I then covered all 4 sides with prima paper, added some butterflies, a prima bird and a few flowers and Whoala!!! A very pretty bird house that I love and cant wait to make more!

Thirdly, I decorated a bucket type basket I bought from Michaels. I first tried spraying it with Glimmer Mist, but that wasnt working so I just painted it with red acrylic paint. I then added a Prima twig with flowers, added a few other Prima flowers along with some butterflies and a few leaves and ended up with this: I think I am going to put loose flowers in it that are no longer packaged up. It looks great in my red SB room! I LOVE IT!!!

So here they are all together. It is just Prima Beautiliscious!!!

OK, here is the crop room with about 15-18 ladies but most importantly my friends: Chris, Terri and Jackie.

It was a fun 2 day event! Chris and I ended up being the last ones to go to bed. We thought we would turn in around 12:30pm but we both got our 2nd wind, and ended up staying up till 4am!!!  After a just "ok" sleep on an air mattress, we got up around 9am to start it all over again! I was fine until about 4pm, when I started to feel v-e-r-y tired, so I packed it up and went home and took a nap for 1.5 hours! It felt good!!!

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