Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy NSB Day!!!!

            Happy National Scrapbook Day WEEKEND!!!!
YEA!!! A day made to celebrate what I love to do! I am making a weekend out of it and heading out to a 30 hour crop at my church! Lots of fun, laughter, food, good times, cropping and a little sleep!
I have lots of things planned and by the looks of my truck, It looks like I packed everything but the kitchen sink! I didnt need that since they have several there. Tee hee hee!!!
What ever your plans are and where ever you happen to be, Hope you have a FANTABULOUS and SUPER FUN National Scrapbook Day!
If you didnt make it into a crop, there are LOTS of online places having virtual crops and TONS and TONS of sales!!!
If you are local, make sure to stop at The Scrappers Boutique in your pajamas and you will be entered into the fabulous drawing they have going on! PLUS, they have all sorts of new stuff! I am stopping there to pick me up that fabulous Bo Bunny Gabrielle and Time Piece!
WOO HOO!!!! Have fun everyone and next week I will show you everything I made in those 30 hours!!!!

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