Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have some smart cookies (kiddos)!!!

I just have to brag about my kids and give a big shout out to them for doing so well in school this year!
First is my 9 year old son, who in 3rd grade had to take 2 TAKS tests for the first time ever... He got ZERO questions wrong and got a PERFECT score which makes him commended for Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Math was almost as good, he only got 8 questions wrong which didnt get him commended but did get him over the standard scale score which is AWESOME too since he struggled in math this year! WAY TO GO ETHAN!

Now onto my 13 year old daughter who has been in the gifted and talented program for a couple years now and takes all AP classes. She had to take 3 TAKS tests this year and got commended scores on 2 of them: Reading and Writing. Math wasnt commended but almost - just 11 wrong! Woo Hoo! Becca has been commended on all her TAKES tests for the last 4-5 years - so that is something else to brag about!!! WAY TO GO BECCA!

I am SO proud of both of you! Keep up the great work!!!

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