Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Winner - SHAWN JOHNSON!!!

Wednesday May 20, 2009

Yesterday was the finale of Dancing with the Stars, which everyone knows I LOVE to watch and so do the kids! Every Monday and Tuesday nights, we were glued to the TV!

The 3 finalists were Melissa, Gilles and Shawn.

I LOVED how all 3 danced and really had a tough time deciding on who I wanted the winner to be or who should win, but after watching them on Monday night, I decided Melissa would probably get third place. She is a beautiful girl and a beautiful dancer but she did mess up on her "group" routine and I agreed with Carrie Ann and Bruno that her freestyle routine wasnt flowing and that it was mostly "tricks" and not as much dancing. She did really well all the other times and I think she should pursue a career in dancing. She really is THAT good!

I just knew that with Gilles being a hot tamale, and about 99% of the population watching this show were female - hardly any men, that he would win on his looks alone. He is an awesome dancer, but I knew that most women would be voting for him on his looks mostly. I also think Gilles is a natural dancer and would do great if he pursued a career in dancing, but as great as he was, I dont think he improved or it was as a challenge for him, and I really wasnt that crazy about his Freestyle dance.

Shawn on the other hand, I thought did wonderfully ALL season. She improved every week, she challenged herself, she did fun dances, serious dances and all in all, I wanted her to win because I loved the way she danced and I thought she was kind of the underdog. She couldnt have asked for a better partner in Mark! He is so silly and goofy and fun, and that is what Shawn needed!

Their freestyle dance was GREAT and it was the perfect style dance for Shawn. I really loved the dance they did to the Alladin theme song, and that fun style is exactly what I thought she should do and needed to do to win the trophy and she NAILED IT! I loved the beginning of the freestyle dance up on the stage and then the whole thing was a little bit of everything wrapped up in one of everything that she and Mark were awesome at!

Everyone in my household took their phones (4 phones) and voted all 3 votes (x4) for Shawn. And I am SO glad we did, because in the end, the difference between Shawn and Gilles was only 1% !!!!

YEA SHAWN!!!!!! Now she has that cheezy mirror ball trophy to go along with her Olympic Gold Medals!!!!

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