Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Bunny

Thursday August 27, 2009

Becca found a little bitty baby bunny in our yard today. She found it right under the fence in our back yard, and of course her immediate thought was that she wanted to keep it since she has always wanted a bunny for a pet.

She called me to tell me she found it, but before she got too far in - I told her we couldnt keep a wild bunny. Well, when I got home and saw how little it was, it worried me that it was still very young and needed it's mommy or it would die. I did some research and found out that bunny mommies leave their young in a nest during the day so no other predators can catch thier scent and find them and then they come to feed them at night which takes only about 5 minutes. It did say that bunnies are left by their mommies after a couple of weeks to fend for themselves so we didnt know if that was the case here. This bunny wouldnt jump around or move alot, It seemed very scared and I didnt know if it was hurt. So I called a wildlife rehabilitator who told me what to do and try to feed it and if it didnt eat after 1 hour or so, then I needed to bring the bunny to her. 1 hour later, in a major thunderstorm, we head to Fort Worth to take this bunny to this lady who basically said the bunny was probably already left to fend for himslef but he was dehydrated and needed help before being re-released into the wild again, and she was an expert at this! Had been doing this forover 30 years so we felt good about leaving little bunny with her!

Becca was sad of course that she couldnt keep it but she was glad to know that this lady would take care of it until it could be released and if we had kept it, it could have died.

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