Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st day of school

Ok, so I am a little late at posting 1st day of school pics... but I have a good excuse. Does having eye surgery on Thursday count? Either way - Here they are...
Ethan was SOOOOO super excited to start 4th grade. We went to meet his teacher which ended up being teacherS - plural. Mrs. Place, his 4th grade teacher was due to have her 3rd baby on Thursday so we also met Ms. Liakos - the sub. I hope he has a good year with all this happening. The last time his teacher was pregnant and was due early on in the school year- it ended up not being a good year!
Hope that is not the case here...
 Anyway, here is my little man - looking so handsome for 4th grade!

Mrs. Place and Ethan

Ms. Liakos and Ethan


Becca wasn't as excited for school to start - which was a first. Usually she is very excited to go back, but I think she had a fun summer and was not wanting it to end. She is an 8th grader this year, so this is her last year at Timberview before she heads to High School!

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