Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roller skating fun!

I took Becca, her 2 friends Kaitlyn and Jordan and Ethan roller skating today at Rollerworld in Haltom City. It was fun! I didn't skate, but I enjoyed watching them and it brought back a lot of memories of when Gerri and I were that age and we went rollerskating every single weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights if we could and we loved it! Both Becca and Ethan participated in the races. Becca came in 2nd place and Ethan did the best he could!
I have a BIG feeling I will be taking them more often so they can get better and better. Practice makes perfect, but also because Becca caught the eye of a cute young man (13) there who also happens to volunteer there so he is there a lot. He invited her to go back Friday night when all the "teens" are there and he isn't "working"... so I think that is the plan for the girls at least.
My eye surgery is tomorrow so I wont be able to take her for at least a week or so, so hopefully Kaitlyn's mom can take them.
Here are a few pics from today!

Pretty soon, they will be able to go backwards, do jumps and flips!!!

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